AI is moving very fast. It’s a bit difficult to catch up and learn what’s happening in AI.

To solve this for myself, I have started this newsletter “Keeping up with AI”.

First of all, it’s not a curation newsletter.

There are already very popular newsletters like Ben Bites, The Prompt, etc.

This newsletter is about coding and growth-related insights from popular AI projects.

Some examples:

  • How to build your own OpenAI cost calculator?

  • How popular projects like AutoGPT, BabyAGI, LangChain, and GPT Index have their logic and prompts written.

  • How did a particular AI project grow its user base?

  • SEO keyword analysis and opportunities around a project

In short, it’s a developer + PM take on AI.

About me:

  • Currently building (4.9K GitHub stars, #3 trending worldwide)

  • Prev built (AI app store, 450K+ monthly traffic); (42K+ monthly users, used by Microsoft, Stanford, etc); ML-based camera scanner app featured at Google I/O; built & scaled an alternate android app store to 3M organic users & 300K monthly actives; co-authored a chapter in a major book in AI & been working in AI/Ml since 2014.

  • Ex engineering/growth/product Khatabook (YC & Sequoia-backed), Paytm (Softbank backed)

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Coding & growth related insights from AI projects